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Believe - you make a difference!

Posted by: gina in Blog

  A small boy was walking along a beach at low tide, where countless starfish, having been washed up on the beach, were stranded and doomed to perish.  A man watched as the boy picked up individual starfish and took them back into the water.
"I can see you're being very kind," said the watching man, "But there must be thousands of them; it can't possibly make any difference."
Returning from the water's edge, the boy said "It will for that one."
-author Unknown
Be encouraged!  Every small effort of kindness directed toward another is magnified and makes a difference!  You never know how even the simplest gift - a smile - will impact someone else's day and cause them to impact another, and so on, and so on and so on!




Posted by: gina in Blog

Ever wonder where inspiration comes from?  I mean we can all point to things that inspire us...I get inspired by art, fashion, movies, music, nature, architecture, family, my work, etc., etc.

But...where and when does the initial spark become ignited?  Why are we drawn to certain things that do inspire us?  Why are we moved by a certain form of music or a specific type of artwork? 

I am discovering that true inspiration comes easiest for me when I am using my God given gifts and and truly seeking His will in my life to live out the passion and desires He has placed within my heart. 

Today I had the blessing of taking my son to visit a college campus.  It was a very quick informational meeting and tour.  Altogether...just over 2 hours of our time was spent on the campus.  Just 2 hours of time - and he left with a bigger vision for his future.  He was able to begin visualizing a path that would develop the passion within his soul.  What a blessing to watch!

Take a little time to nurture your true passion today and see what develops!  blessings

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